PICE Study group

The Dutch PICE study group supervises the ongoing data collection dataset definitions training reports studies and benchmarking concerning the Pediatric Intensive Care Evaluation of the Netherlands and the national data-registry of PICU admissions, refusals, referrals, adverse events and patient satisfaction outcome by the EMPATHIC study group

The study group gathers four times a year to discuss matters concerning the PICE


Study group Members


PICE Board:

Dick van Waardenburg MD PhD (chairman)

Nicolette van Dam MD (secretary)

Douwe van der Heide PCCN (treasurer)

Marjorie de Neef MSc RN PCCN

Prof. Jan A. Hazelzet MD PhD FCCM (advisor)


PICE study group

Dick van Waardenburg (Maastricht) paediatrician-intensivist

Nicolette van Dam (Leiden) paediatrician-intensivist

Carin Verlaat (Nijmegen) paediatrician-intensivist

Koos Jansen (Utrecht) paediatrician-intensivist

Marc van Heerde (Amsterdam) paediatrician-intensivist

Martin Kneyber (Groningen) paediatrician-intensivist

Cynthia van der Starre (Rotterdam) paediatrician-intensivist

Maaike Riedijk (Amsterdam) paediatrician-neonatoligist