The Pediatric Intensive Care Evaluation of the Netherlands

PICE Foundation

Founded May 17th 2000, registration chamber of commerce (Kamer van Koophandel) Rotterdam, number 24306405

Dr. Dick van Waardenburg MD PhD paediatrician intensivist, President
Drs. Nicolette van Dam MD paediatrician intensivist, Secretary
Douwe R. van der Heide PCCN, Treasury


PICE Studygroup

Martin Kneyber MD PhD FCCM, paediatrician-intensivist

CarinVerlaat MD, paediatrician-intensivist

Koos Jansen MD PhD, paediatrician-intensivist

Maaike Riedijk MD PhD, paediatrician-intensivist

Marc van Heerde MD PhD, paediatrician-intensivist

Nicolette van Dam MD, paediatrician-intensivist

Cynthia van der Starre MD PhD, paediatrician-neonatologist (patient safety officer)

Dick van Waardenburg MD PhD, paediatrician-intensivist


Professor Jan A. Hazelzet MD PhD, advisor to the PICE

PICE Assistant

Idse Visser MA MSc(epidemiology), researcher

Erasmus MC Sophia, PICE project, PO Box 2060, 3000CB Rotterdam, Netherlands

Documents (Dutch):
 Statutes (pdf) dutch
Privacy regulations (pdf) dutch