PICE Study group


Participating University Medical Centres and the PICE Study group members:


Groningen: University Medical Centre - Beatrix Children’s Hospital  (Martin Kneyber MD PhD FCCM, paediatrician-intensivist)

Nijmegen: University Medical Centre - Radboudumc  (CarinVerlaat MD, paediatrician-intensivist)

Utrecht: Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital - University Medical Centre Utrecht  (Koos Jansen MD PhD, paediatrician-intensivist)

Amsterdam: Emma Children’s Hospital - Academic Medical Centre  (Maaike Riedijk MD PhD, paediatrician-intensivist)

Amsterdam: VU University Medical Centre  (Marc van Heerde MD PhD, paediatrician-intensivist)

Leiden: University Medical Centre Leiden  (Nicolette van Dam MD, paediatrician-intensivist)

Rotterdam: Erasmus University Medical Centre – Sophia Children’s Hospital  (Cynthia van der Starre MD PhD, paediatrician-neonatologist, patient safety officer)

Maastricht: Maastricht University Medical Centre+  (Dick van Waardenburg MD PhD, paediatrician-intensivist)